We are currently serving the College of Arts and Sciences' website needs.

We use forms to collect the different requests we receive. It helps us stay organized and fairly process all the College's needs. We will follow up by email with you after you submit a request, and we appreciate your patience as we move as quickly as we can while making sure the quality of our services is maintained. Thank you!

Website Edits

For current sites that need changes (i.e. updates to language, broken links, contact information, etc.) please submit a web edit request.
Web Edit Request

New Faculty or Staff Webpage

This form is to request that a new faculty or staff member be added to the appropriate College of Arts and Sciences website. This action does not add his or her information to the UAB Directory. New Faculty or Staff Page Request

Photography Request

All photography requests are subject to photographer availability at the requested time. Please place requests at least 14 days in advance of the shoot whenever possible, and allow 10 business days for turnaround unless otherwise indicated.
New Photography Request

General Request

If your request does not fit into one of the above categories, submit a General Request.
General Request