Bach, Rebecca Ann

rebecca_ann_bachRebecca Ann Bach (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1994) specializes in Shakespeare and early modern English literature and culture; she has secondary interests in colonial texts, post-colonial theory, cultural studies, the history of sexuality, feminist theory, and animal studies. She has published articles in many journals and collections, including Studies in English Literature 1500-1900, Medieval and Renaissance Drama in English, Race, Ethnicity and Power in the Renaissance (1997), Journal of Narrative Theory, Renaissance Drama, Textual Practice, and ELH. Her first book, Colonial Transformations (Palgrave 2000), reads early modern English literature and culture in relation to England’s colonial expansion in Ireland, Bermuda, and Virginia. In 2007, she published Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature Before Heterosexuality. The book shows how Renaissance drama has been misread for centuries as having modern ideas about sex and gender. It explores how adaptations and criticism of Renaissance plays contributed to the emergence of heterosexuality. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Shakespeare, Renaissance drama, early modern English literature and culture, and pedagogy, and she directs the English Department’s honors program.