Camp, Vic

Before his association with UAB, Vic Camp (M.A., UAB) worked for twelve years in various levels of the claims management field after obtaining a B.S. degree in Business Administration from the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. During that time, he discovered the novels of Cormac McCarthy, these books eventually playing an influential role in his decision to leave his management position without any specific plan about what he was going to do next. As it turned out, he worked as a manual laborer at a golf course for seven years, much of it alongside Mexican immigrants. A desire to learn Spanish in order to communicate better with his coworkers had the additional effect of rekindling a latent interest in language and literature, leading to his enrollment at UAB as an English major. Vic recently completed the Master’s program, during which time he wrote a thesis on the literary reputation of McCarthy and developed an enthusiasm for teaching freshman composition and introductory literature.  As an extension of these pursuits, he continues to explore the ways that beliefs about language and literature support class distinctions.