Grimes, Kyle

Kyle Grimes (Ph.D., Illinois, 1990) is a specialist in British Romantic-period literature. His work focuses on the nature of literary language, censorship, printing and publishing history, and radicalism in literature. He has published articles and reviews in such journals as the Keats-Shelley Journal, JEGP, European Romantic Review, Criticism, Victorian Studies, and Nineteenth-Century Studies, and his electronic publications include an edition of Hone's Political House that Jack Built which appears on Romantic Circles (where Grimes is also the bibliography editor) and an experimental work called The William Hone BioText—a kind of hypertextual hybrid of biography and bibliography which now includes a full-text electronic edition of volume 1 of Hone's influential Every Day Book (1825-26). Grimes has also published several essays in such collections as Michael T. Davis's Radicalism and Revolution in Britain, Steve Jones's The Satiric Eye, and Darby Lewes's A Brighter Morn: The Shelley Circle's Utopian Project. He teaches undergraduate courses in English literature, Romanticism, and Research and Writing, as well as graduate courses in Prosody and Poetics, Romanticism, and Blake, Byron and the Shelleys.