Hutchings, William

William Hutchings (Ph.D., Kentucky, 1981) is the recipient of the Eugene Current-Garcia Award as Alabama's Distinguished Literary Scholar 2003. His book, Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot: A Reference Guide, was published by Praeger in 2005. He specializes in twentieth century British fiction and modern British and European drama. His other books are The Plays of David Storey: A Thematic Study (Southern Illinois, 1988) and David Storey: A Casebook (Garland, 1992). He has published essays on James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Alan Sillitoe, Yevgeny Zamyatin, and Joe Orton, among others, in such journals as The James Joyce Quarterly, The Journal of Modern Literature, Modern Fiction Studies, Papers on Language and Literature, Twentieth Century Literature, and Modern Drama. He is currently working on an intertextual study of Sillitoe's novels. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on British Novel: The Modern Age, Modern British and European Drama, World Literature since 1660, and James Joyce.