Our graduate students take a series of workshop classes to develop their skills as poets or writers of fiction or creative nonfiction. In creative writing workshops, the content of the course is literally generated by the students themselves. Writing also sharpens students' abilities as sensitive, critical readers of literature, while the study of literature furnishes a context that furthers creative writing.

Admission Requirements

Programs for the "Best Writers Symposium 2016" sponsored by the Department of English. For admission in good standing, you must meet the UAB Graduate School's requirements for scholarship and test scores. You should normally have finished the requirements for an undergraduate degree in English, including satisfactory completion of at least six semester hours in a foreign language. A generally well-prepared applicant who is lacking in some part of the undergraduate preparation may be admitted with the provision that any deficiencies be removed by a time specified by the graduate program director.

How to Apply

Please read the Resources for Graduate Students FAQ for information about how to apply to the program.

Plan of Study

Please visit the UAB Graduate Catalog for the most up-to-date program information and course descriptions.

Additional requirements:
  • Students must choose a member of the English faculty to chair their Graduate Study Committee (GSC). In consultation with this chair, students must select at least two other faculty members to complete their GSC. All members of the GSC must be graduate faculty. Once constituted, membership of the GSC cannot be changed without the approval of the departmental Graduate Committee.
  • Before students can be admitted to candidacy, they must have passed their course work and have had a thesis proposal accepted by their GSC and the departmental Graduate Committee.
  • Students must pass a Thesis Defense.

Graduate School Information

For information about applying to the Creative Writing program, contact us or visit the UAB Graduate School website.