The Concentration in Creative Writing

Through a series of workshop classes, the concentration in creative writing enables students to develop their skills as poets or writers of fiction or creative nonfiction. In creative writing workshops, the content of the course is literally generated by the students themselves. Writing also sharpens students' abilities as sensitive, critical readers of literature, while the study of literature furnishes a context that furthers creative writing.

All students concentrating in creative writing complete a creative thesis (Plan I); no area examinations are required.

The Concentration in Creative Writing on Plan I (Thesis)

Required courses
  • Three courses (9 hours) of creative writing courses, at least one of which must be in a genre other than the student's genre of specialization;
  • Three courses (9 hours) of literature electives;
  • Two courses (6 hours) of English electives;
  • EH 699 twice (6 hours).
Additional requirements
  • 15 hours of course work must be at the 600 level in English. A maximum of 3 of these required 15 hours can be taken as EH 699, Thesis Research.
  • Students must choose a member of the English faculty to chair their Graduate Study Committee (GSC). In consultation with this chair, students must select at least two other faculty members to complete their GSC. All members of the GSC must be graduate faculty, and one must come from outside the UAB English Department. Once constituted, membership of the GSC cannot be changed without the approval of the departmental Graduate Committee.
  • Before students can be admitted to candidacy, they must have passed 18 hours of course work and had a thesis proposal accepted by their GSC and the departmental Graduate Committee.
  • Students must pass a Thesis Defense.

While every effort is made to keep information on the Department of English web site as accurate and up-to-date as possible, students are responsible for verifying course requirements and program status by seeing the appropriate university advisor(s) and program director(s).