lewis thumbnailThe Department's Angela Lewis recently sat down to discuss her recent book, Conservatism in the Black Community: To the Right and Misunderstood, which attempts to unravel the the political phenomenon of conservatism in Black communities.

ErinBorry iconDr. Borry received her PhD from the University of Kansas in May 2013. Her dissertation was entitled "Rule Bending and Red Tape: Organizational and Individual Influences and the Effect of Ethical Climate," which looked at the role of bureaucratic structure, employee minority status, and organizational ethical climate on employee willingness to bend rules and perceptions of red tape.

Angela Lewis. When it comes to being conservative, black people have been mislabeled, according to a new book by a University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) professor.

"There is this overarching belief that African Americans are extremely liberal and support liberal ideas like unlimited welfare assistance and an open lifestyle," said Angela Lewis, Ph.D., associate professor of government. "This characterization of black people is incorrect."