UN 2013 logo. Dr. Nikolaos Zahariadis and a group of 19 students visited the United Nations over spring break. The trip, part of his class PSC 466: The United Nations, was full of lectures, tours, and even food and fun (the Japanese hotdogs were notable to more than one student).

Some of the students wrote blogs about their experiences and took pictures, so you can get a first-hand account of what it was like!

Students attended briefings by UN, US, and NGO officials on topics including but not limited to peacekeeping, water and sanitation, human rights, poverty alleviation, food security, NGOs, Syria, and others.

Image of Dr. Zahariadis and the 2013 UN student study away group, taken by Jerry Jerome. During the briefings, students had the opportunity to hear UN and US officials talk about their activities, ask questions, and inquire about internship and job opportunities at the UN and the US State Department.

In addition, students had time to explore the wealth of resources available – including the various museums, Brooklyn, Wall Street, and others.

Brittany Jordan, who was one of the 19 students, said that "trips like this one open up doors for opportunities and networking that are often not available for students in the social sciences at UAB. And these trips inspire students. They are a reminder that those institutions really do exist; it makes it all more real and exciting to learn about."

The Department of Government was proud to be able to offer financial aid to make this trip available to these students, a group of diverse ages, backgrounds, and majors. We invite you to read more about their New York experiences.