History/African American Studies Major to Give Commencement Speach

Martez Files, the undergraduate speaker for the Fall 2014 morning commencement ceremony, is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and a Bachelor of Arts degree in African American Studies.


Lessons from an Internship: Independence, Self-Confidence, and Patience

History student and REV Birmingham intern Stephanie Qualls has become a regular face amongst the cobblestone streets and old buildings of downtown. She interned all semester, and now that her time at REV and UAB is winding down she reflects on her experiences in the History department and at REV and offers some advice for students who share her love for history and the city of Birmingham.


UAB History Alive and Well

There are rumors circulating on social media that the Department of History is folding. Nothing could be further from the truth. Perhaps this concern is part of the recent decision to end the football program, and that the School of Business wants to exempt their students from taking the History and Literature Core. But please be assured we are alive and well. For more information, read the statement from the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

History Intern Helps Revitalize Birmingham

Stephanie Qualls has always had a love for history, which is why she wants to teach others about our world and its cultures. “[Studying] history . . . will essentially help shape who we become in the future,” she says about her choice to double major in history and secondary education.


Seventy Years Ago: WWII's Operation Market Garden

Last week Dr. André Millard's World War Two class studied Operation Market Garden that began on September 17, 1944 — exactly 70 years ago. The class covers events of the war on the anniversary of when they occurred, which means it covers the events of August to December 1944, one of the most important and dramatic periods of WWII.