Department of History professor André Millard thinks the 1960s supergroup the Beatles would not have made it big if they had formed in the age of the Internet. In an article on he states that "In the fractured and endlessly expanding digital world, nobody will be able to recreate the excitement of Beatlemania because it is no longer possible to completely command the media as the Beatles did back in 1964."

Andre Millard smallMillard uses the 50th anniversary of the arrival of the Beatles in New York to discuss the excitement of Beatlemania and how that anniversary also marks the end of an era—an era when records were treasured items that added to a fan's excitement.

"The triumph of Beatlemania was essentially a triumph of the record—the seven inch vinyl disc," Millard writes for CNN. "In the digital world sound recordings are cheap and disposable; you won't be able to relive the giddy excitement of returning home with that priceless copy of 'I Want to Hold Your Hand' with an MP3 download."

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