Professors Harriet Amos Doss and Robert Corley were among the nearly 300 employees who will be honored during this year’s UAB Service Awards Program. Dr. Doss has taught at UAB for 35 years, and Dr. Corley for 20.

Robert Corley and Harriet Amos Doss. Doss has specialized in United States HistoryMiddle Period (1815-1877). Her research focuses on American history and in particular Southern history. Her book Cotton City: Urban Development in Antebellum Mobile (University of Alabama Press, 1985) was reprinted in 2001 with a new Preface by the author. She was awarded UAB's President's Award for Excellence in Teaching, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and the Alabama Association of Historians' John F. Ramsey Award of Merit "in recognition of superior, significant, and sustained contributions to the teaching and study of history in the state of Alabama."

Corley directed UAB's Center for Urban Affairs for 14 years, then served as the founding director for the Global and Community Leadership Honors Program. In August 2011, Dr. Corley returned to the Department of History to teach full-time. Some of his recent courses include the History of Birmingham; Jim Crow South; Race, Class and Politics in Birmingham; Roosevelt to Roosevelt; and Political History since FDR.