A diver exploring a colony of Odontaster validus in antarctica, as part of the Biology graduate program. Graduate Studies

If your goal is to go further in your studies, whether you're a recent graduate or you are mid-career, come see what the College of Arts and Sciences has to offer.

We have programs leading to masters degrees in subjects from Art History to Forensic Science to Public Administration. Our doctoral programs range from Applied Mathematics to Computer and Information Sciences to Medical Sociology. Joint degrees are available that combine two masters degrees into a focused career path.

For students who do not wish to pursue a masters or doctoral degree, one of our certificate programs could help you advance your skills and career without a strenuous time commitment.

Explore Your Options

Career and professional development is an important part of your graduate student and postdoctoral training. The Office of Postdoctoral Education, Career and Professional Development Services, and the Graduate School have many resources to help plan, develop, and implement the strategy for your career.
  • Self-Assess: take a test to identify your interests, skills, values, and personality characteristics and match your results with suggested careers and UAB majors.
  • Think about Your Career Path: Career paths for graduate students are ever-changing.
  • Get Guidance: Today’s researchers, scientists, and academics face an increasingly competitive world. UAB’s Professional Development Program offers ongoing support for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and visiting scholars.