UAB is committed to your academic success. In addition to the academic support programs offered through the Vulcan Materials Academic Success Center, there are a range of individual tutoring options available.

Tutoring services through the The University Writing Center and Math Learning Lab are free of charge and available to all UAB students.

University Writing Center—The University Writing Center, located in Sterne Library 175, provides free assistance with all types of writing. Tutorials are open to all UAB students, from first-year undergraduates to graduate students. The UWC can help with writing from any class, as well as personal statements, scholarship essays, proposals, and other academic writing not directly related to coursework. The UWC also offers online tutoring for students enrolled in online classes, specialized tutoring for students for whom English is a second language, and Ask-a-Tutor email for short questions. To make a tutoring appointment, see the UWC website and log onto the appointment system with your Blazer ID and password.

Math Learning Lab – The Math Learning Lab is located in Heritage Hall, and is available to all students enrolled in undergraduate math courses. There are over 200 computers available and tutors are on site during business hours.

Private tutoring lists by department are provided as a resource for UAB students. Inclusion of a student's name does not indicate employment or endorsement by UAB, or the Office for Academic Success, or any of the departments listed below. Communications and negotiations regarding tutoring arrangements, payments, etc. are solely up to the tutor and student. Please note that these services are for a fee, unless otherwise noted.