Title: Haddin Forum: Go Forth and Fast Multiply
Calendar: College of Arts and Sciences Events
Date: 01.31.2014 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Location: Heritage Hall 524
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What: Haddin Forum Featuring Dr. Carmeliza Navasca: “Go Forth and Fast Multiply: What’s Math Got to Do with It?”
When: Friday, Jan. 31
Where: Hulsey Recital Hall, 950 13th Street South (http://www.uab.edu/map/hansellhulsey-center)
Price: Free
Contact: uab.edu/cas

Carmeliza Navasca will discuss the impact of scientific computing in the science and engineering disciplines. This impact continues as computers become more powerful and the web facilitates accessibility of software and databases. Scientific computing deals with the development of new models, new ways of analyzing models and data and new explanations of phenomena seen from computations. It is well-known that the workhorse of scientific computation is matrix multiplication. Many applications require algorithm to multiply large (e.g. million by million or larger) matrices. Thus finding faster ways to multiply matrices from mathematics is a major breakthrough.

Lunch is served at 11:30; talk starts at noon.