Title: Darwin Day: A Celebration of Science
Calendar: College of Arts and Sciences Events
Date: 02.13.2014 - 02.14.2014
Location: Edge of Chaos, 1700 University Blvd
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What: Darwin Day: A Celebration of Science
When: Feb. 13-14, 2014
Where: Edge of Chaos (Lister Hill Library, 4th Floor), 1700 University Blvd
Price: Free
Contact: http://www.uab.edu/cas/biology/

In honor of Charles Darwin’s birthday, the Department of Biology at UAB will be hosting “Darwin Day: A Celebration of Science.” This event aims to celebrate scientific research with an emphasis on (but not limited to) evolutionary biology. For a detailed schedule of events, visit the Department of Biology webpage: http://www.uab.edu/cas/biology/.

Darwin Day will feature two guest speakers:

Dr. R. Scot Duncan (Associate Professor at Birmingham-Southern College) is an ecologist and conservation biologist whose research focuses on endangered species and threatened ecosystems in Alabama. His recently published book “Southern Wonder: Alabama’s surprising biodiversity” explores the ecological, evolutionary, and geological reasons for Alabama’s remarkable biodiversity and the importance of protecting it.

Dr. Stephen Austad (Professor at UAB) is renown for his research on aging. His research has focused on a wide diversity of organisms (e.g., hydra, clams, bats, primates), and his provided a broad understanding for why organisms, including humans, deteriorate with age. He is author of the book “Why We Age: what science is discovering about the body’s journey through life”, which explores the history and theories of aging and how scientists are searching for ways to extend life.

In addition to these guest speakers, Darwin Day will consist of break-out sessions on various topics in biology, a poster session to showcase some of the exciting research at UAB.

Three break-out sessions will provide an informal, informative, and fun atmosphere to discuss and debate important topics in biology. Everyone is welcome to attend, with the hope that people from diverse backgrounds will spark lively discussions. The three session topics are “Teaching evolution in the classroom”, “Epigenetics”, and “Biodiversity”. The Darwin Day committee is happy to consider additional topics, so please send an email if you have any suggestions or interest in leading a break-out session (darwinday@uab.edu).

A public poster session will immediately follow Dr. Austad’s lecture on Feb. 14th. This poster session will showcase some of the exciting research being conducted at UAB, and provide an excellent platform for stimulating scientific discussion among students and faculty. The poster session will also include a competition for best graduate student and postdoc poster.

To present a poster at Darwin Day 2014, please send a Poster title, and indicate whether you are a graduate student, Postdoc, or Faculty to darwinday@uab.edu. The due date for poster titles is February 7, 2014.

Refreshments and drinks will be provided during the event, and Darwin Day t-shirts will be for sale. For more information or questions, please contact Dr. Peggy Biga (pegbiga@uab.edu) or Dr. Dan Warner (dawarner@uab.edu).