Cool Classes for Fall 2014

A dragon thinking about cool subjects. Looking for a cool class to take this fall? Then look here! You'll find special topics courses from across the College, spanning liberal arts and sciences and sometimes combining both. Our departments offer special topics courses only occasionally, and the selection is different every semester — which means if you don't take it when it is offered, you probably won't get the chance to take it later.

Unless otherwise noted, all courses are 3 credit hours and will be offered in Fall 2014.

African American Studies. African American Studies

  • Social Justice & Identity
  • History of Gospel Music
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Department of Communications. Communications Studies

  • Social Media Communication
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  • Introduction to African American Literature
  • Gender, Literature, and Medicine
  • Black Cinema
  • The Literatures of Ireland
  • Flash Fiction
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  • History of the Roman Empire
  • Social History of Crime
  • George Wallace: Hero of Pariah?
  • Spain and the Spanish Inquisition
  • Ancient and Medieval Britain
  • Terrorism in Modern History
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Department of Philosophy. Philosophy

  • Science, Philosophy, Knowledge, and Reality: The Scientific Enterprise

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