Spring 2014 Awards and Honors for College Faculty, Advisors, and Students

Congratulations to these highly accomplished, hardworking, and talented individuals in the College of Arts and Sciences.


Ireland Award for Scholarly Distinction
  • Dr. Kieran Quinlan, English
NSF Career Grant Winners
  • Dr. Ragib Hasan, Computer and Information Sciences
  • Dr. Eugenia Kharlampieva, Chemistry
  • Dr. Karolina Mukhtar, Biology
  • Dr. Thamar Solorio, Computer and Information Sciences
Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Research Grant
  • Dr. Chris Kyle, Anthropology
Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Dr. Asim Bej, Biology
Odessa Woolfolk Community Service Award
  • Dr. Cynthia Ryan, English
Alexander Von Humboldt Research Award
  • Dr. Andrew Demshuk, History
Provost's Faculty Excellence Awards
  • Dr. Nicole Riddle, Biology
  • Dr. David Schwebel, Psychology
Graduate School Dean's Award for Mentorship
  • Dr. Carolyn Conley, History
  • Dr. Aaron L. Lucius, Chemistry
Florida Historical Society—Dorothy Dodd Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Dr. Raymond Mohl, History


College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Faculty Advisor and National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Winner of the Outstanding Advising Award
  • Dr. Alison Chapman, English.
Outstanding New Advisor and NACADA Certificate of Merit, Outstanding New Advising Award (Primary Advising Role)
  • Jennifer Farnham, College of Arts and Sciences Advising Office, Psychology and Neuroscience students.


Dean's Award Winners
  • Mohammad Abbasi, English and Chemistry
  • Elizabeth Cates , Art Studio
  • Harsh Shah, Biology
  • Clara Busby, English
  • Jacob Froehlich, Biology
  • Song Gao, Computer Science

Fellowship and Scholarship Winners

Amgen Scholars Summer Research Program
  • Daniel Gilliam, Neuroscience and Chemistry
Clarendon Scholarship
  • Miranda Collier, University of Oxford, Chemistry
Clinton Global Initiative University
  • Leah Berkebile, Biology and International Studies
  • Charity Yoonhee Ryder, Biology and Anthropology
  • Miesha Williams, Political Science
Critical Languages Scholarships
  • Charity Yoonhee Ryder, South Korea, Korean, Biology and Anthropology
  • Leah Berkebile, Morocco, Arabic, Biology and International Studies
DAAD-Rise Scholarship (Germany)
  • Michael Longmire, Chemistry and Biology
Goldwater Scholarships
  • Bliss Chang, Chemistry and Biology
  • Luke McClintock, Chemistry and Physics (Honorable Mention)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Summer Fellowship
  • Timothy Fernandez, Biology
NOAA Sea Grant, John Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship
  • Elizabeth Bevan, Biology (PhD)
Udall Scholarship
  • Courtney Rutherford, Biology and Psychology
UNCG Merck Undergraduate Research Scholarship
  • Quincy Jones, Biology
William Jefferson Clinton Scholarship
  • Charity Yoonhee Ryder, American University at Dubai, Biology and Anthropology
Parkinson’s Disease Fellowship
  • Ranjani Ponnazhagan, Neurobiology (interdisciplinary major)