The College of Arts and Sciences is pleased to announce that Dr. Timothy Levine has accepted the position as Chair of the Department Communication Studies.

The Flavorful Science Behind Beer and Coffee

If you’ve never heard of zymurgy, you aren’t alone. But if you’ve ever tasted a beer, you’ve experienced it: Zymurgy is the science of fermentation. For Tracy Hamilton, associate professor in the Department of Chemistry, zymurgy is also a passion — and the topic of lectures he presents around the country for the American Chemical Society (ACS).
“No more teachers, no more books” is a popular chant among children at the end of each school year, but it’s doubtful anyone ever heard William Doggett III, M.D., singing that famous Alice Cooper tune during his lifetime. Over the course of 26 years, beginning in 1986, Doggett took 70 undergraduate and graduate-level classes at UAB.