Two advanced students in The College, Nicole Watkins in History and Kyle Besing in Mathematics, won second and first place, respectively, in this year’s Graduate Student Research Days, hosted by UAB Graduate School.

Selected by peer review, rather than faculty (as had been done in the past), the two winners were scored on content, delivery, visual aid and preparation.
For most of us, Antarctica is a story of ice.

Huge, craggy mountains laced with jagged icy edges. Penguins perched on frozen knolls and ridges, fur seals, crabeater seals, and others fishing amongst the floes. And massive chunks of glaciers breaking off into the sea as the warming global temperature melts away the edges of our southernmost continent.
We’ve all heard the term “big data,” and we know that genomic research is the future of medicine, from diagnosis to therapeutics. Scientists are making regular advances in understanding how genes and proteins determine our likelihood to develop chronic conditions including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and cancer.
In a stunning achievement, four College faculty members have been awarded CAREER Awards by the National Science Foundation. The recipients are Dr. Eugenia Kharlampieva, Chemistry; Dr. Karolina Mukhtar, Biology; and Dr. Thamar Solorio and Dr. Ragib Hasan, Computer and Information Sciences.