The seventh Foreign Language Film Conference, focusing on "The Great War: Illusions and Disillusions," will be held in the AEIVA Hesse Family Lecture Hall.

The conference will feature Laurent Veray, French filmmaker and historian, who will be among international scholars convening at UAB Oct. 30-Nov. 2 to examine the differing ways that World War I has been portrayed in film since the war began in 1914.
“I’ve been in the media business for 30 years,” says Charles Nooney, “and I’ve never seen the pace of change that has happened in the last three. A lot of it has been driven by people using mobile devices as their primary method of consuming video content and the increase in social networking.”
The implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) generated plenty of talk around the country. But for a group of UAB students, some of the most important discussions took place in Birmingham beauty salons, churches, malls, and even car washes. There, the students shared the facts about the ACA’s impact on health care and helped people enroll in affordable private insurance plans.
For our alumni who are away from home, or for those of you in Birmingham who couldn't come to any of the Homecoming events for 2014, we have you covered! Our Digital Media team has helpfully bundled all the photos and videos of the fun. Come on in and visit Blazer Country!