History icon. Studying history provides an understanding of "why we are what we are" and "how we came to be where we are today." You study history not only to understand your own past and present but also the evolution of other cultures, civilizations, and nations. You will learn skills—research, analysis, writing, and oral communication—that you will use throughout your life. Studying history is also fun. You learn about people, famous and not-so-famous. You learn about cultures and fashions and food. There are mysteries to be solved and puzzles to be answered.

You might be surprised to know that corporations and medical schools are looking for history majors. According to published studies, many workplace leaders realize that they need what history majors have: the ability to think, analyze, and communicate.

What are the program strengths?

Our faculty includes nationally recognized scholars with a wide range of expertise who actively mentor our students and help them apply for graduate programs or career opportunities. The Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society publishes its award-winning Vulcan Historical Review, a student-produced and written publication.

In addition to traditional academic courses, the department offers reenactment courses, study away opportunities, public history Internships in more than 20 museums and historic preservation venues in Birmingham and beyond, and honors programs. Students may also work with the Media Studies Program to create historic films or documentaries.

What sort of classes will I take?

Along with required courses like Western Civilization, World History, and US History, you will be able to take classes like:
  • Roman Republic
  • African American History
  • Social History of Crime
  • Indie Rock from Punk to Post Modern
  • Southern Labor History
  • Modern East Asia

What can I do with this degree?

Our graduates go on to careers in medicine, academia, business, communications, historic preservation, education, government, law, library science, and museums, just to name a few of the possibilities.

Where do I learn more?

You can:
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