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John Sloan, Ph.D.
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Welcome to the Department of Justice Sciences!

We are pleased you have stopped by for a visit. As you will see by navigating around our site, the department is home to multiple programs, including those leading to the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (B.S.), the Master of Science in Criminal Justice (M.S.C.J.), the Master of Science in Forensic Science (M.S.F.S.). and the new (Fall, 2011) Master of Science in Computer Forensics and Security Management offered jointly with the Departments of Computer and Information Sciences and Management, Quantitative Methods, and Information Systems.

The Department also offers undergraduate minors in Legal Affairs, through its Pre-Law Program, and Forensic Psychology, offered jointly with the Department of Psychology.  The Department also sponsors a graduate certificate program in Computer Forensics, offered jointly with the Department of Computer and Information Sciences. 

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program offers students broad academic exposure to the fields of criminal justice and criminology, while providing opportunities for concentrated study in one or more areas, including corrections, criminology, forensic science, juvenile justice, law, and policing. The program’s primary purpose is to develop in students a general understanding of the multidisciplinary nature of criminal justice, while exposing them to an in-depth examination of topics related to careers in the field.

Undergraduate students interested in Forensic Science should consult the
M.S.F.S. Program Director to learn more about the field. Additionally, the department is home to UAB's Pre-Law program, an interdisciplinary, multi-department consortium designed to provide information to, and advice for, students contemplating a career in the legal profession. The Pre-Law program also sponsors the university's nationally recognized Mock Trial team.

Students interested in Computer Forensics and Cybercrime can learn more by clicking here. The department is partnering with other units on a major initiative in this area, which includes two graduate programs and an undergraduate concentration within the criminal justice major.  The department is also a sponsor of the UAB Computer Forensics Laboratories, located in the University Blvd. Office Bldg. (UBOB).
Please don't hesitate to click on the "contact us" link if you have any questions or desire further information! Thanks for your interest in the Department of Justice Sciences and its programs of study.