Gavel illustration. The Department of Justice Sciences is affiliated with:

  • the Center for Information Assurance and Joint Forensics Research, a multidisciplinary research center with a broad focus on Information Assurance, and how our modern connected society impacts that information
  • the new UAB Institute for Human Rights, a center where scholars, educators, and activists may come together and collaborate on initiatives designed to promote and protect human rights in an increasingly complex and globalized landscape
  • the Social Justice Lecture Series, which introduces a variety of social justice topics to the University and Birmingham communities
  • Camp CSI Birmingham, where students receive hands-on training with collecting evidence, dusting for fingerprints, searching for blood stains, analyzing DNA evidence, interpreting DNA profiles, and examining flies and maggots
  • Cyber Detectives Camp, where students receive hands-on training on collecting evidence, searching for hackers, identifying malware, probing bogus financial institutions, analyzing defaced web-sites, and open source intelligence gathering!

Through these affiliations, the department’s faculty and students find new opportunities to engage in cutting edge research, learn about social justice issues, and mentor high school students interested in careers in forensic science.