Criminal Justice Honors Program

Honors Program in Criminal Justice

Dr. Kent R. Kerley
Honors Program Director

The Criminal Justice Honors Program encourages and prepares outstanding students to pursue a career in the field of Criminology/Criminal Justice by providing an opportunity to conduct research under the guidance of a faculty mentor. The program promotes initiative, creativity, and independent thinking among academically talented students.

Students are admitted to the Honors Program based on an evaluation conducted by the Honors Program Coordinator and a committee of faculty members. Students seeking admission to the Honors Program must:

  • Be a second semester junior (students are admitted to the Honors Program during the summer preceding their senior year);
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher and a GPA of 3.25 or higher in all Justice Sciences courses;
  • Complete and submit an application for admission to the Honors Program Coordinator;
  • Schedule and complete an interview with the Honors Program Coordinator;
  • Complete all required courses for the criminal justice major by the time they enter the program;

The following is required to graduate with honors in the Criminal Justice Honors Program:

  1. completing the remainder of the students’ elective courses for the Criminal Justice major;
  2. completing JS481: Honors Seminar (Fall semester) and JS482: Honors Research and Colloquium (Spring semester) with a grade of “B” or better;
  3. completing the Honors Research Project and presenting the results of the project at either the Department’s Honor’s Research Colloquium or at professional conference, such as the Annual Meetings of the Southern Criminal Justice Association.


Participation in the Criminal Justice Honors Program provides opportunities for academically talented students to have unique access to faculty and to interact with other honors students in an environment that encourages creative and innovative thinking. Beyond the fact seminar participation and research experience will be useful for further work in the field of Criminology/Criminal Justice; completion of the honors program is advantageous when applying to graduate programs in the field. Students who complete the program will graduate from UAB “With Honors in Criminal Justice .”

For additional information on the Justice Sciences Honors Program, please contact Dr. Kent R. Kerley, Department of Justice Sciences, UBOB 210, 1530 3rd Ave South, Birmingham AL 35294-4562; Telephone (205) 934-2069; E-mail: