Faculty Listing

Justice Sciences Faculty  
John Sloan, Ph.D. Professor & Chair
Heith Copes, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in Criminal Justice
Kathryn Morgan, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Kent Kerley, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Director of the Honors Program in Criminal Justice
Elizabeth Gardner, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Hayden Griffin, J.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Suzanne Perumean-Chaney, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Anne P. Wheeler, J.D. Assistant Professor and Director, UAB Pre-Law Program
Hyeyoung Lim, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Jason Linville, Ph.D. Teaching Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in Forensic Science
Shelly McGrath, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
John Grimes, J.D. Teaching Assistant Professor
Martha Earwood, M.A.. Teaching Assistant Professor

Affiliated Justice Sciences Faculty  
Stephen Barnes, Ph.D. Professor
Asim K. Bej, Ph.D. Professor
Anthony Skjellum, Ph.D. Professor
Gregory Davis, Ph.D. Professor
Julio C. Rivera, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Richard Turpen, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Gary Warner, B.S. Director of Research in Computer Forensics