Student Resources

Organizations and Clubs

The criminal justice student organization is a great starting point for learning about your peers and department resources available to you.  CJSO holds monthly meetings at which practitioners in the field of criminal justice share valuable information about careers in the field.  CJSO also sponsors social events, which provide you a chance to get to know other criminal justice students and the department faculty.

Alpha Phi Sigma is the only nationally recognized criminal justice honor society for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in criminal justice programs. Justice Sciences is home to the NU chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma. You can contact Dr. Kay Morgan (205-934-2069) the local chapter faculty advisor for additional information.

Scholarship Opportunities
The Department of Justice Sciences has academic, need-based, and sponsored scholarships each year based on funding availability.  Please make sure you read the general guidelines for these scholarships to learn about eligibility requirements for them before you download an application.

Please read the guidelines for department scholarships before submitting an application. Please note the application deadline is 5:00 p.m. April 5, 2014 for awards for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Department Guidelines for Scholarships

2014-2015 Need-Based Scholarship Application

2014-2015 Academic Scholarship Application

Buck Shaw Private Security Scholarship 2014-2015

Internet Identity Scholars Program 2014-2015


Work Study Opportunities

Federal Work Study Program

Internships provides lots of information on opportunities for students to work with federal agencies and not only accumulate experience but get paid as well. Summer jobs, internships, summer internships, scholarships -- Information here on all this and more!

Career Planning and Placement
As a criminal justice major, there are a number of different career paths that you can explore. The University's Career Center is a great place to help you get started. The center provides information on employment opportunities, assists with job skill development including interviewing and resume writing, sponsors "jobs fairs," and does so much more! There are a number of other helpful sites that will provide you with information on opportunities available to you.

You can also visit Criminal Justice Jobs to learn about opportunities inside and outside of Alabama.

Key Links
There's a billion and one sites out there with great, good, and not-so-good information related to the field of criminal justice - too many to list here. The following are some of the most relevant to you as you pursue your degree: