Title: Professor of Spanish

Office: Humanities Building 411

Phone: 205.934.4652

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Orihuela1

Carlos Orihuela (Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh) is a Professor of Spanish in the Department of Foreign Languages at UAB.  He completed his Bachelor and Licenciate in Literature in the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos at Lima-Peru, in 1985; and his Master and Doctorate in the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literatures at the University of Pittsburgh, in 1993. His area of specialization is Latin American literature with an emphasis in Latin American Contemporary Literature, Indigenous Cultures and Literatures, and Afro-Hispanic Literatures.

His most recent book, Abordajes y Aproximaciones. Ensayos sobre Literatura Peruana del Siglo XX (1950-2001),  is a collection of essays analyzing those authors who reveal most profoundly the social and cultural complexity of contemporary Peru.

Other recent publications include  “La representación del negro en la poesía de Nicomedes Santa Cruz”  in  “Escribir” la identidad: Creación cultural y negritud en el Perú;  “La poesía peruana de los 60 y 70: Dos etapas en la ruta hacia el sujeto descentrado y la conversacionalidad” in A contra corriente. A Journal on Social History and Literature in Latin America;  and  “The Poetics of Nicomedes Santa Cruz and Its Challenge to the Canon of Peruvian Hegemonic Literature" in Afro-Hispanic Review.

He has also published collections of poetry including Nube Gris (Gray Cloud) and Abordar la bestia (Chasing the Beast). Three of his poems, translated by Lynda Jentsch, have appeared in The MacGuffin:  “My father”, “Gray cloud” and “Long distance”. The December 2009 issue of  the Canadian  journal  Alter Vox. Literatura y Arte includes his poem “Los músicos chinos en las calles de Santiago.”

In addition to his professional work, Professor Orihuela also spends a great deal of time painting and creating artistic photography.