Title: Assistant Professor of Spanish

Office: Humanities Building 401

Phone: 205.934.4652

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.chambless

Krista Chambless (Ph.D., University of Alabama) Visiting Professor, Arts & Humanities.  Prior to coming to UAB, Dr. Chambless has accumulated more than fifteen (15) years of experience in teaching Spanish to students of all ages (preschool through undergraduate collegiate students) and preparing teachers to teach foreign languages.  Dr. Chambless received her B.S. in Foreign Language Education from the University of Alabama in 1993 and her M.A. in Romance Languages (French & Spanish) from the University of Alabama in 1996 before enrolling in the D.M.L. program at Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont in June of 1996.  However, in the fall of 1997, Dr. Chambless returned to the University of Alabama to pursue her Ph.D. under the tutelage of Dr. Rebecca Oxford, and completed her degree in 2003.

While on the way to completing her education, Dr. Chambless took every effort to broaden her educational experience studying at the Universite D’ Aix en Provence in Provence, France (Summer, 1991); the Institute of Spanish Studies in Valencia, Spain (Summer, 1993); Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont (Summers, 1994 & 1996); and at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico (Summer, 1997).

In her drive to help improve the quality of foreign language education throughout the south, Dr. Chambless has presented at numerous conferences including: the 2005 conference of the Southern Conference of Language Teachers in Charlotte, North Carolina, and her article, The Effects of FLEX Programs on Elementary Students’ Attitudes Toward Foreign Languages and Cultures was published in the 2005 edition of Dimensions.  She also has presented at conferences of the Alabama Association of Foreign Language Teachers (The Role of Grammar in the Communicative Classroom, 2000; Assessment in the Foreign Language Classroom, 2001).

In addition, in 1997, Dr. Chambless authored the Elementary Foreign Language Curriculum for the Tuscaloosa City Schools, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  Dr. Chambless maintains membership in numerous organizations dedicated to improving and expanding foreign language education including:  the American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages, the National Network for Early Language Learning (Alabama State Representative, 2004-2005), the Southern Conference of Language Teachers, the Alabama Network for Early Language Learning, the Alabama Association of Foreign Language Teachers, and the Alabama Association for Foreign Languages in Elementary Schools..

When not teaching, Dr. Chambless enjoys spending time at home with her husband and three (3) children, and occasionally traveling.