Title: Assistant Professor of Spanish

Office: Humanities Building 407E

Phone: 205.934.4652

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Oleary1

Malinda O’Leary (PhD, University of Alabama) is Assistant Professor of Spanish. She received a BA in Spanish and an MA in Foreign Language Education-Spanish, both from UAB. Dr. O’Leary earned her PhD at The University of Alabama. As a PhD candidate, her dissertation analyzed the positive and negative contributions of a blended course format in the college-level elementary Spanish classroom. At UAB Dr. O’Leary teaches introductory, intermediate and advanced courses on Spanish language and cultures as well as Spanish for the professions and business. In addition to teaching, Dr. O’Leary serves as the foreign language student teacher supervisor in the UAB School of Education. Dr. O’Leary is the recipient of the Alabama Association of Foreign Language Teachers 2010 Outstanding Teacher (Post-Secondary) Award.