Foreign Language Film Conference V


"Rights and Representations"

University of Alabama at Birmingham

1-4 November 2012

In this historic setting of the American South, and in conjunction with Birmingham's 50th-anniversary remembrance of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing, FLFC celebrates civil and human rights. Scholars will consider the question of civil rights in international cinematic traditions. How does film as an art and a genre represent civil rights, and human rights? What are the places of rebellion, terrorism, or non-violent resistance in forging individual freedoms, and how is this reflected in national cinematic traditions? How do international films address issues of discrimination, violence, repression, the struggle for social equality? On the pedagogical side of the question, how do films about civil rights teach their viewers about international cultural and political traditions and movements? How are these films incorporated into classroom discussions of global civil rights?



  • SESSION 1: Faith, Strife and Exodus: Religion and Film 
  • SESSION 2: History of Violence: Harm and Terror in Latin America 
  • SESSION 3: Axis of Trauma: Europe 1914-1940 
  • SESSION 4: Fantasy, Surrealism, and Afterlife in Hispanophone Cinema 
  • SESSION 5: Riots and Rights through Time and Space 
  • SESSION 6: Cultural and Political Sovereignty in North America 
  • SESSION 7: Perception and Ethics Expressed through Techniques
  • SESSION 8: Fundamentalism, Terrorism, and the Struggle for Power 
  • SESSION 9: Representations of State Terror in Argentine Cinema (1) 
  • SESSION 10: From Horror to Queer: Contemporary Self Image in Film 
  • SESSION 11: Representations of State Terror in Argentine Cinema (2) 
  • SESSION 12: Freedom and Reclamation: It’s Black and White 
  • SESSION 13: Torture and Violence: the Transatlantic Conscience 
  • SESSION 14: Femicide and Suicide: Women and Violence

Film Events


Documentary: Aimé Césaire (2009)
Director Sarah Maldoror will attend the screening and answer questions

HUC ALUMNI AUDITORIUM UAB, 1400 University Blvd., HUC 105

Feature Film: The Repentant (2012)
Director Mezrak Allouache will attend the screening and answer questions


Documentary: Tahrir: Freedom Square (2012)
Director Stefano Savona will attend the screening and answer questions


For questions or further information, please contact Serge Bokobza ( or Rosemary Peters ( Check Website for additional details on the Conference.

The Foreign Language Film Conference V "Rights and Representations" is made possible by a generous gift from the Jemison Professorship in the Humanities.

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