Course Name  Course Number  Instructor  Syllabus  
Basic Mathematics MA 094-QL Stansell ma094-ql.pdf
Basic Mathematics MA 094-ZN Puchta ma094-zn.pdf
Basic Algebra MA 098-QL Stansell ma098-ql.pdf
Basic Algebra MA 098-W Stansell ma098-w.doc
Basic Algebra MA 098-ZNA Stansell ma098-zna.pdf
Intermediate Algebra MA 102-QL Stansell ma102-ql.doc
Intermediate Algebra MA 102-ZN White ma102-zn.doc
Intermediate Algebra MA 102-ZNA Kravchuk ma102-zna.pdf
Intermediate Algebra MA 102-ZNB Vaughan ma102-znb.pdf
Intermediate Algebra MA 102-ZNC Mann ma102-znc.pdf
Pre-Calculus Algebra MA 105-QL Kravchuk ma105-ql.pdf
Pre-Calculus Algebra MA 105-ZN Vaughan ma105-zn.pdf
Pre-Calculus Algebra MA 105-ZNA Rugumba ma105-zna.doc
Pre-Calculus Algebra MA 105-ZNB Kravchuk ma105-znb.doc
Pre-Calculus Algebra MA 105-ZNC Vaughan ma105-znc.pdf
Pre-Calculus Trigonometry MA 106-QL Kravchuk ma106-ql.pdf
Pre-Calculus Trigonometry MA 106-ZN Vaughan ma106-zn.pdf
Pre-Calculus Trigonometry MA 106-ZNA Vaughan ma106-zna.pdf
Pre-Calculus Trigonometry MA 106-ZNB Vaughan ma106-znb.pdf
Pre-Calculus Trigonometry MA 106-ZNC Barnett ma106-znc.doc
Precal Algebra/Trigonometry MA 107-QL Kravchuk ma107-ql.pdf
Precal Algebra/Trigonometry MA 107-ZN Johnson ma107-zn.doc
Finite Mathematics MA 110-QL Land ma110-ql.pdf
Finite Mathematics MA 110-ZN Wunderly ma110-zn.pdf
Finite Mathematics MA 110-ZNA Tamang ma110-zna.pdf
Finite Mathematics MA 110-ZNB Sanogo ma110-znb.pdf
Finite Mathematics MA 110-ZNC Barnett ma110-znc.pdf
Calculus I MA 125-6B Hutchison ma125-6b.pdf
Calculus I MA 125-6C Zou ma125-6c.pdf
Calculus I MA 125-8C Darras ma125-8c.pdf
Calculus I MA 125-CT Blokh ma125-ct.pdf
Calculus I MA 125-CW Ghatasheh ma125-cw.pdf
Calculus II MA 126-6D Hutchison ma126-6d.pdf
Calculus II MA 126-8C Nkashama ma126-8c.pdf
Calculus II MA 126-CT Oversteegen ma126-ct.pdf
Calculus II MA 126-DV Goudarzi ma126-dv.pdf
Statistics MA 180-ZN Nayak ma180-zn.doc
Intro to Statistics MA 180-ZNA Holdman ma180-zna.doc
Statistics MA 180-ZNB Johnson ma180-znb.doc
Statistics MA 180-ZNC Alexander  ma180-znc.doc
Calculus III MA 227-6B Fischbacher ma227-6b.pdf
Calculus III MA 227-6D Simanyi ma227-6d.pdf
Intro Differential Equations MA 252-1F Shterenberg ma252-1f.pdf
Intro Differential Equations MA 252-2A Li ma252-2a.pdf
Intro to Linear Algebra MA 260-2B Navasca ma260-2b.pdf
Intro to Linear Algebra MA 260-2F Mayer/Liddle ma260-2f.pdf
Math Tools for Engr Problem Solving MA 265-6C  Stolz ma265-6c.pdf
Patterns, Function, & Alg Reasoning MA 313-2C Puchta  ma313-2c.docx
Patterns, Function, & Alg Reasoning MA 313-2F Puchta  ma313-2f.pdf
Geometric and Proportional Reasoning MA 314-2D Puchta  ma314-2d.doc
Intro to Mathematical Modeling MA 361-3B Mayer/Gerhardt  ma361-3b.pdf
Integrating Mathematical Ideas MA 411-2C Dominick  ma411-2c.pdf
Statistics MA 418-ZN Nayak ma418-zn.doc
Statistics for Teachers MA 418-ZNA Holdman ma418-zna.doc
Statistics MA 418-ZNB Johnson  ma418-znb.doc
Statistics MA 418-ZNC Alexander  ma418-znc.doc
Polynomial Expansions MA 419-9I Johnson  ma419.doc
Algebra II: Modern MA 435-2C Mayer/Hartley ma435-2c.pdf
Advanced Calculus II MA 441-ET Knowles ma441-et.pdf
Intermediate Differential Equations MA 454-2D Nkashama  ma454-2d.pdf
Modeling with PDE MA 461-1B Zeng  ma461-1b.pdf
Statistics MA 480-QL Johnson  ma480-ql.doc
Probability MA 485-2F Karpechina ma485-2f.pdf
Statistics MA 486-1C Shterenberg ma486-1c.pdf
Patterns, Functions, & Algebra MA 513-2C Puchta ma513-2c.docx
Patterns, Functions, & Algebra MA 513-2F Puchta ma513-2f.pdf
Geometr Proportional Reasoning MA 514-2D Puchta  ma514-2d.doc
Mathematical Modeling MA 519-3B Mayer/Gerhardt ma519-3b.pdf
Polynomial Expansions MA 519-9I Johnson  ma519.doc
Algebra II:  Modern MA 535-2C Mayer/Hartley ma535-2c.pdf
Advanced Calculus II MA 541-ET Knowles ma541-et.pdf
Intermediate Differential Equations MA 554-2D Nkashama ma554-2d.pdf
Modeling with PDE MA 561-1B Zeng ma561-1b.pdf
Intro to Probability MA 585-2F Karpechina  ma585-2f.pdf
Statistics MA 586-1C Shterenberg ma586-1c.pdf
Advanced Probability MA 587-2E Simanyi ma587-2e.pdf
Abstract Algebra MA 632-2B Selinger ma632-2b.pdf
Real Analysis II MA 646-2F Weikard ma646-2f.pdf
Intro to Differential Equations MA 655-2D Li ma655-2d.pdf
Numerical Linear Algebra MA 660-1F Navasca  ma660-1f.pdf
Topology I MA 670-1C Simanyi  ma670-1c.pdf
Advanced Probability MA 687-2E Simanyi ma687-2e.pdf
Advanced Partial Differential Equations MA 755 Knowles ma755.pdf