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James Ward (Math), Marius Nkashama (Math), Michael W. Quick (Neurobiology)

Further Education:

M.S. in Computer Science, Duke University (2009)

Doctor of Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine (2010)

Internship in Internal Medicine, Duke University Hospital (2011)


Barrie Hurwitz Award for Excellence in Clinical Neurology (2005)

Stephen’s paper, titled 'Photon Trajectory in the Human Cornea', was selected by MIT Technology Review as one of the best papers from Physics or Computer science submitted to the arXiv the first week of October 2011. 


Residency in Ophthalmology at Howard University Hospital in Washington, DC, since July 2011

Stephen Odaibo: Throughout my journey thus far through life, school, and work, my time in the Math Fast-Track Program has been instrumental in helping me navigate the terrain. The Math Department fostered critical thinking and spirited debate, all in the context of great friendships and camaraderie. Dr. Kauffman's Advanced Calculus class was priceless. Dr. Mayer and Dr. Oversteegen's seminars were stimulating confidence builders for us Fast-Track students, as were our quarterly research projects. All I remember is the equivalence between topological and analytic continuity via the metric. However, I have made lifelong friends and retained countless cherished memories like: the lounge, the coffee pot in the lounge, the old transistor radio persistently tuned to NPR/classical and other music (from Malian music to Celtic music like The Thistle and Shamrock by Fiona Ritchie), Friday teas, the window overlooking the park and University Boulevard, Frisbee, and above all, the indefatigable commitment of the Faculty to mentoring. Thank you !!!