All applicants admitted to our graduate program will be considered for financial support. Teaching assistantships (TAs) and fellowships are availabla. A tuition award is also made to those holding graduate assistantships and the cost of student health insurance is covered. There remain some fees to be paid by the student. Opportunities are usually available for summer employment. All awards are made on a competitive basis.

As a teaching assistant a student will be assigned up to fifteen hours of service per week. The service (mostly teaching and tutoring) will be such as to enhance a student's professional development as well as contribute to the operations of UAB.

For the year 2015/2016 TA stipends start at $20,400 per twelve months. They are available to US citizens as well as to international students. As mentioned above, in addition to the stipend a full tuition scholarship and health insurance are also provided.

M.S. students making satisfactory progress can expect support for the equivalent of four semesters and a summer term. Ph.D. students will be supported for up to four years after the Qualifying Exam, which gives sufficient time to satisfy the requirements for a Ph.D. degree.

For the best qualified applicants we also offer GAANN fellowships with reduced teaching load. These fellowships are funded by a grant from the US Department of Education and are only available to US citizens and permanent residents. The level of support depends on financial need and is at least as high as TA stipends.

UAB has also university-wide Graduate Fellowships available to qualified African American students seeking to earn a Ph.D. degree. More information can be found here. Minority applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for those fellowships.