Proficiency in the following courses is necessary for anybody pursuing an M.S. degree in Mathematics at UAB. Students either have to document that they took equivalent courses or else have to take those courses. Theses courses are Advanced Calculus I and II, Linear and Modern Algebra, Topology I, Complex Analysis, and Differential Equations.

A typical curriculum for the Master's program or for the first phase of the Ph.D. program is given below . Modifications are possible with the approval of the student's graduate study committee and the graduate program director.

First year:

Fall semester Advanced Calculus I†† Probability† or Scientific Computing† Linear Algebra
Spring semester Advanced Calculus II†† Topology I Numerical Linear Algebra
Summer term Calculus of Several Variables Topology II  

Second year:

Fall semester Real Analysis Complex Analysis Differential Equations
Spring semester Real Analysis II Abstract Algebra Partial Differential Equations

† indicates that the course is on the 500-level.
†† indicates that the course is not counted for the M.S. degree. Some students, however, are advised to take it.
All courses carry three credit hours. Those without † or †† are on the 600-level.