The typical curriculum for the Doctor of Philosophy degree is the same as for the Master of Science degree up to May of the second year. The first year courses are not counted towards the 54 hour requirement of the Ph.D. degree. Most students accepted to the Ph.D. program should be able to start taking second year courses when entering the program. In May of the second year the Ph.D. students take the Qualifying Exam in Real Analysis and Linear Algebra.

Second year:

May Qualifying Exam in Real Analysis and Linear Algebra
Summer term Elective/Reading Elective/Reading


Students are encouraged to select their thesis advisor before the start of the third year.

Third and fourth year:

Fall semester Minor Elective/Reading Research
Spring semester Minor Elective/Reading Research
Summer term Elective/Reading Research


By the end of the fourth year the student takes the Comprehensive Exam which is a written and oral test of the coursework taken. After this a student concentrates on research in preparation of writing a dissertation. For this phase one has to allocate 12 - 18 months.