Music Major Auditions are required for all students who plan on pursuing a degree in music. Examinations to be administered on audition days will also be required to determine the appropriate placement of students within the curriculum.

After the audition, students will be informed of one of three outcomes:

  1. Admission to the Department is granted and they may enroll as a Music Major.
  2. Admission is conditional, in which case they are admitted as a Liberal Arts major with Music interest, and have one year to gain full admission as a Music Major.

  3. Admission to the Department is denied.

In the case of number 2 above, students must re-audition in order to gain full admission as a Music Major. In the event they are not accepted, they will be advised to seek another major within the University. Once fully or conditionally admitted to the Department of Music, students will work closely with a music faculty advisor who will monitor their progress and advise in the selection of appropriate courses. Admission to UAB does not guarantee admission to the Department of Music.

Additionally, placement in UAB music ensembles are granted through audition. Please click here to pertinent information regarding ensemble auditions requirements.