To graduate with a degree in music technology, you must earn 54 hours of academic credit in designated music courses, nine of which must be numbered 400 and above, and complete all core curriculum courses required by UAB's College of Arts and Sciences.

Program Requirements

All program requirements and courses are outlined in the UAB Undergraduate Catalog. The major requirements include 16 hours of music theory/aural skills, 5-6 hours of music history and literature, 18 hours of music technology, 3 hours of advanced theory electives, 4 hours of applied lessons, and at least 6 hours of ensembles. Students must also satisfy the piano proficiency examperformance attendance requirements, and complete an internship. 

All music technology majors must take:
Introduction to hardware and software for creating and performing music with computers. Concepts include digital sampling, binary computation, properties of waveforms, graphical notation, and audio sequencing. 3 hours.
MU 221: Melody, harmony, and rhythm; their interaction in music. Diatonic musical materials with emphasis on choral and simple keyboard idioms. 3 hours.
MU 224: Required laboratory for MU 221. 1 hour.
Note: both courses must be taken at the same time.
MU 222: Continuation of MU 221. Prerequisites: MU 221 [Min Grade: C] and MU 224 [Min Grade: C]. 3 hours.
MU 225: Required laboratory for MU 222. Prerequisites: MU 224 [Min Grade: C]. 1 hour.
Note: both courses must be taken at the same time.
Concepts and techniques of music production in recording studios. Limited enrollment. First class meets on campus. 3 hours.
MU 321: Introduction to chromatic materials. Prerequisites: MU 222 [Min Grade: C] and MU 225 [Min Grade: C]. 3 hours.
MU 324: Required laboratory for MU 321. Prerequisites: MU 225 [Min Grade: C] and MU 222 [Min Grade: C]. 1 hours.
Note: both courses must be taken at the same time.
MU 322: Chromatic materials, modulation, extensions of tertian harmony, and overview of contemporary techniques. Prerequisites: MU 321 [Min Grade: C] and MU 324 [Min Grade: C]. 3 hours.
MU 325: Required laboratory for MU 322. Prerequisites: MU 324 [Min Grade: C] and MU 321 [Min Grade: C]. 1 hour.
Note: both courses must be taken at the same time.
Using computer applications, including MIDI and sampling technology, in the creation of musical compositions. Prerequisites: MU 115 [Min Grade: C]. 3 hours.
Continuation of MU 341. Advanced computer music projects utilizing sound synthesis, sound file manipulation, and hard disk recording techniques. Prerequisites: MU 222 [Min Grade: C], MU 225 [Min Grade: C], and MU 341 [Min Grade: C]. 3 hours.
Advanced concepts and techniques of multitrack recording in project and professional recording studio, including signal processing mixing and mastering. Prerequisites: MU 115 [Min Grade: C], MU 221 [Min Grade: C], MU 224 [Min Grade: C], and MU 245 [Min Grade: C]. 3 hours.
Characteristics of musical styles found in various cultures throughout the world. 3-hour option requires semester project directed by the instructor. Prerequisites: MU 120 [Min Grade: C] or MU 261 [Min Grade: C]. 2 hours.
Techniques for producing music for television, film, video, computer presentations, and slide shows using computer-based technologies. Prerequisites: MU 342 [Min Grade: C] and MU 345 [Min Grade: C]. 3 hours.
A course taken in the student's junior or senior year that studies the major developments of musical styles and forms from the classical period through the present. This includes critical listening to selected musical examples as well as critical analysis, research and writing. Prerequisites: MU 222 [Min Grade: C]. 3 hours.
This capstone experience provides students in Music Technology with practical experience in. Prerequisites: MU 342 [Min Grade: C] and MU 345 [Min Grade: C] and MU 441 [Min Grade: C] 3 hours.
Required of music majors for graduation and music education majors before entering Teacher Education Program (TEP). 0 hours.
Attendance at Department-approved musical events such as concerts, recitals, and festivals. Required of music, music technology, and music education majors. 0 hours.

See The Majors page for descriptions of Major and Minor Ensembles. Students in the Music Technology program may fulfill up to four of their required ensemble hours in Computer Music Ensemble. The remaining three hours must be in the major ensembles.

See the course catalog for descriptions of applied lessons and electives in music theory.

Course Catalog

A complete list of major requirements, courses, and a proposed four-year program of study for music majors are available in the UAB Undergraduate Catalog.

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