Oluwagbemiga LarindeAs a child I was told a lot of stories. The most fascinating story (more of a fact) was the one my sister told me. She told me about how dynamic the the brain is, and that the brain has over 100 billion neurons. Of course I was only 11, and my sister was only 3 grades older. I wasn't sure how true the fact was because I couldn't help but wonder how 100 billion things could fit into my little head.

That moment brought forth a curiosity in my life which in turn led to my interest in knowing more about the brain. We live in a modern Era where a lot of Neurological and psychological disorders are diagnosed without any precise cure. So far research in neuroscience has given the most promising answers.

There is a saying "you have to work with a brain to know the brain." My interest in knowing more about the brain and finding cures for neurological disorders made me choose neuroscience.

Right now I am working with Dr. Kazu in measuring the rate of gamma oscillation (linked to working memory and cognitive function) in Schizophrenia. I hope one day in the future, when we all have cures for numerous neurological disorders, we will look back at this day and laugh as to how dumb we were for not seeing things on time.

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Why Major in Neuroscience? Why Major in Neuroscience?