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Faculty members Batey, King, Lee, Pollio, and Sims of the Department of Social Work participated in the American Public Health Association conference in Atlanta, GA.

One project, led by Sylvie Mrug, Ph.D., professor and interim chair of the Department of Psychology, will study whether early life stress — age 20 and younger — can change DNA in a way that contributes to obesity, and if this changed DNA can be inherited by future generations.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham Ethics Bowl debate team will compete in the national Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl Competition. The team took fourth place in the Southeast Regional Ethics Bowl in Tampa, Florida, on Saturday, Nov. 4, beating 16 teams.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham Gospel Choir will present its 22nd anniversary concert, and bid farewell to founding director Kevin P. Turner, on Monday, Nov. 13.

Performers will “Sound the Trumpets” for a light-hearted romp through the history of the trumpet at the University of Alabama at Birmingham on Sunday, Nov. 12.

The loss of logos — patterns of reasoning — in modern discourse inspired English Professor Bruce McComiskey, Ph.D., to write his new book, “Post-Truth Rhetoric and Composition,” from Utah State University Press.

UAB psychologist David Schwebel is partnering with Hand in Paw to study the role therapy dogs may have in improving a patient’s overall outcome from physical or occupational therapy.

After analyzing millions of posts, Jeremy Blackburn, Ph.D., and collaborators found that fringe communities within 4chan and Reddit have a surprisingly large influence on Twitter.

Works by artist Erin Wright, MFA, which touch on topics from democracy to organ donation, are making a global impact.

From zombie-themed Frappuccinos slated to take over Starbucks this fall to a debate in New Jersey about yard decorations featuring a fake car crash scene with zombie victims, the walking dead are no less pervasive in popular culture now than in Halloweens past.

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