Image of Josh May. Assistant Professor
(205) 934-8920
HB 425

After finishing his PhD in June 2011 at UCSB, Dr. May began a 3-year position in the Philosophy Department at Monash University in Australia. This was cut a year short, however, to begin his position at UAB in August of 2013.

Dr. May teaches a range of courses but especially ethics and related fields. Most of his research is in ethics and epistemology, focusing on questions that intersect with the sciences of the mind. In short, he's interested in what goes on in our heads when we think about what to do and what to believe.

Research Interests

  • What motivates us to do what we believe is right?
  • Are we all ultimately self-interested?
  • How do emotions influence moral judgment?
  • Do we have free will and can we be morally responsible?
  • What do we think is required for attaining knowledge?
  • Can we attain moral knowledge?


Dr. May's website.