Kevin McCain received his PhD from the University of Rochester May 2012.  While finishing his doctoral work, he taught at the University of Rochester and Nazareth College.  His areas of specialization are epistemology and philosophy of science. Currently, his research is focused on responding to skepticism and accounting for epistemic support in terms of explanatory considerations.

Selected Publications

“A Predictivist Argument Against Scepticism.” Analysis, forthcoming. 
“Two Skeptical Arguments or Only One?”  Philosophical Studies, forthcoming. 
“The Interventionist Account of Causation and the Basing Relation.”  Philosophical Studies, (2012) 159 (3): 357-382. 
“Against Hanna on Phenomenal Conservatism.”  Acta Analytica, (2012) 27 (1): 45-54. 
“The Virtues of Epistemic Conservatism.”  Synthese (2008) 164 (2): 185-200.

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