A liberal-arts-oriented introduction to law, the minor focuses on the philosophical, moral, and political underpinnings of law and the legal system. It covers several areas of law including torts, contracts, property, procedure, Constitutional law, and criminal law. The minor gives students a context for thinking about important legal questions in society and helps interested students decide whether they wish to pursue a career in law.

Course requirements are 18 semester hours (6 courses) including:
  • PHL 135 - The Rule of Law
  • PHL 230 - Social and Political Philosophy
  • PHL 335 or PHL 435 Philosophy of Law
  • one of the following courses: PHL 125; PHL 215; or PHL 315


  • Two courses from the following (other courses may be substituted, with approval):
      • JS 150 - Foundations of Law
      • JS 230 - The Judicial Process in America
      • PSC 330 - The American Judicial Process
      • PSC 340 - American Political Thought
      • PSC 430 (or 431) - American Constitution Law