Department of Physics

Colloquium Series

Fall 2014               Physics Colloquia are typcially held on Fridays, 12:20 pm - 1:10 pm, in Campbell Hall room 301

August 29    Organizational Meeting for Graduate Students
September 5
Dr. Clayton E. Simien
Department of Physics
Laser Spectroscopy and Cooling as a Probe of Fundamental Physics
September 12 Dr. Brian Maple
Department of Physics
Emergence of Superconductivity from Magnetic Order in Correlated Electron Materials
September 19 Dr. Tyler Glembo
Government Relations Specialist
American Physical Society

 Science Policy in America

September 26
October 3 Dr. Rohit Prasankumar
Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies Science 
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Unraveling the Interplay between Electric and Magnetic Order in Multiferroic Oxide Heterostructures
October 10 Dr. J.J. Dong
Department of Physics
Auburn University
Heat Transfer in Non-magnetic Insulating Solids - Recent Developments in Theory and First-Priniciple Calaculations
October 17 Dr. Luther Beegle
Deputy Manager for Planetary Science
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
SHERLOC: An Investigation on the Mars 2020 Rover
October 24 Dr. Jacob Leach
Chief Science Officer
Kyma Technologies
Production of Bulk AlN and GaN Substrates for Optoelectric and Power Switching Devices
October 31 Ketan Goyal
Department of Physics
Thermodynamics of a Quantum Heat Engine

November 7 Dr. Sharon Weiss
Departments of Electrical Engineering & Physics
Vanderbilt University
Enhancing Light-Matter Interaction in Optical Biosensors
November 14 Dr. Tom Killian
Department of Physics & Astronomy
Rice University
Collective Modes and Collisions in Stringly Couled Ultracold Plasmas
November 21
No colloquium
November 28
No colloquim
December 5 Dr. Takao Suzuki
Center for Materials for Information Technology (MINT)
University of Alabama
Magnetic Materials for Permanent Magnets and Spintronics Applications