Department of Physics

The following phyiscs undergraduate majors were awarded best presentations awards in their categories at the UAB Expo on Friday, April 11. There were nearly 200 presentations. Congratulations.

1st place: Ethan Jake White (Mentor: Catledge)
"Development of Polyacrylamide Molecularly Imprinted Polymer for Biosensing Application"

2nd place: Chapin Cavender (Mentor: Parpura)
"Method for the Determination of Trajectory Angles of Directional Secretory Vesicles in Cultured Astrocytes"

BEST ORAL PRESENTATION (Life, Biological and Physical Sciences)
1st Place: Matthew Sorensen (Mentors: Jeffers, Camata)
"The Physics of a Cyclotron Accelerator and its Application in the Production of the Radiopharmaceutical Fludeoxygluose (FDG)"

Other Physics Majors who presented:
(1) Allman, Hunter H (Camata)
(2) Lebakken, Erika J (Nordlund)
(3) Medved, Renny T (Hilton)
(4) Wetuski, Joshua D (Stanishevsky)
(5) Jones, James (Zvanut)
(6) O'Beirne, Aidan [Presenting his research in Neurobiology - Mentor: Jarome (Lubin Group)]
(7) Haselden, Davis [Presenting his research in Biomedical Engineering - Mentor: Eberhardt]

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