Department of Physics
AST, PH, and PHS Course Syllabi for Fall 2005

AST 101-2E,  Astronomy of the Universe Dr.  Perry Gerakines

AST 102-3B Astronomy of Stellar Systems , Dr. Robert Mohr

AST 105-7T,  Extraterrestrial Life, Dr.  Robert Mohr

PH100-1B, Preparatory Physics, Dr. S. Vallabhaneni

PH100-2A, Preparatory Physics, Dr.  Rakesh Kapoor,

PH 100-2D, Preparatory Physics, Brain Geislinger

PH 100-3C,  Preparatory Physics, Dr. James  Martin

PH201-5C, College Physics I, Dr.Chris Lawson

PH201-6A, College Physics I,  Dr. James Martin

PH 201-8B, College Physics I, Dr. Robert Mohr

PH202-5E, College Physics II, Dr. Sergey Mirov

 PH221-5A, General Physics I,   Dr. Andrei Stanishevsky

PH 221-7A General Physics I, Dr. Ed Wills

PH221-8A, General Physics I, Todd Devore

PH 222-6C, General Physics II, Dr. Joseph Harrison

PH351-4B and PH351L-G7-Modern Physics I, Dr. Tom Nordlund

 PH445/5451B , Electromagnetic Theory I,  Dr. David Shealy

PH 450/550-4A, Introductory Quantum Mechanics I, Dr.Yogesh Vohra

PH 453/553 1G, Introductory Solid State Physics I, Dr. Mary Ellen Zvanut

PH461/561-2B, Classical Mechanics I, Dr. Renato Camata

PH475/575-2C, Introduction to Biophysics, Dr. Tom Nordlund

PH 545-1B Electromagnetic Theory I, Dr. David Shealy

PH 553-1G, Solid State, Dr. Mary Ellen Zvanut

PH 610/710-3B, Classical Mechanics I, Dr. Ryoichi Kawai

PH 650/750-1E, Electromagnetic Theory I, Dr. Joe Harrison

PH 672/772 -1C  Quantum Mechanics II, Dr. Ryoichi Kawai

PHS101-1C/1Q, Physical Science, Dr. S. Vallabhaneni

PHS101-2B/N3, Physical Science, Dr. Ed Wills