Department of Physics
AST, PH, and PHS Course Syllabi for Fall 2008

AST101-1B, Astronomy of the Universe, Dr. Perry Gerakines

AST102-2E, Astronomy of Stellar Systems, Dr. Robert Mohr

PH100-1A, Preparatory Physics, Dr. Aaron Catledge

PH100-2D, Preparatory Physics, Dr. Andrei Stanishevsky

PH100-3C, Preparatory Physics, Dr. James Martin

PH100-4N, Preparatory Physics, Dr. Robert Mohr

PH201-1M, College Physics I, Dr. Robert Mohr

PH201-4B, College Physics I, Dr. Christopher Lawson

PH202-1E, College Physics II, Dr. Thomas Nordlund

PH221-2A, General Physics I, Dr. Rakesh Kapoor

PH221-3A, General Physics I, Dr. Edward Wills

PH222-2C, General Physics II, Dr. Joseph Harrison

PH351-4B, Modern Physics I, Dr. Renato Camata

PH420/520-2C, Math Methods of Physics I, Dr. Ryoichi Kawai

PH445/545-1B, Electromagnetic Theory I, Dr. David Hilton

PH450/550-4A, Introductory Quantum Mechanics I, Dr. Mary Ellen Zvanut

PH461/561-2B, Classical Mechanics I, Dr. Ryoichi Kawai

PH481/581-2E, Laser Physics I, Dr. Sergey Mirov

PH487/587-1D, Nanoscale Science and Applications, Dr. Yogesh Vohra

PH590-00, Preparations for Teaching, Dr. James Martin

PH610/710-2A, Classical Mechanics I, Dr. Joseph Harrison

PH650/750-1E, Electromagnetic Theory I, Dr. David Hilton

PH671/771-1C, Quantum Mechanics I, Dr. Joseph Harrison

PH793-53, Physics Student Seminar, Dr. David Shealy

PHS101-1C, Physical Science, Dr. Todd DeVore

PHS101-2A, Physical Science, Dr. Jami Dashdorj

PHS101-2E, Physical Science, Dr. Jami Dashdorj

STH299-00, Science & Tech Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar, Dr. Andrei Stanishevsky