Making Disability Rights Real in Southeast Asia: Implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in ASEAN (Lexington Books, 2017)
By Tina Kempin Reuter

"Grand achievement, breaking new ground in the ASEAN Region, and in the global quest for a barrier-free and inclusive world dedicated to communications accessibility for all. A compelling resource for leaders with and without disabilities in the field of public policy." — Peter D. Blanck, Syracuse University

Cover of the book, featuring two hands reaching toward each other over a field of binary ones and zeros. Surveillance, Transparency, and Democracy: Public Administration in the Information Age (University of Alabama Press, 2015)
By Akhlaque Haque

In this well-informed yet anxious age, public administrators have constructed vast cisterns that collect and interpret a meteoric shower of facts. Akhlaque Haque demonstrates that this pervasive use and increasing dependence on information technology (IT) enables sophisticated and well-intentioned public services that nevertheless risk deforming public policy decision-making.

Cover of Conservatism in the Black Community. Conservatism in the Black Community: To the Right and Misunderstood (Routledge, 2013)
By Angela Lewis

Conservatism in the Black Community examines the contemporary meanings of black conservatism and its influence on black political behavior, providing a basis for understanding the impact this phenomenon has on black political behavior. Lewis analyzes conservatism within the black ideological framework, while also explaining the meaning of conservatism in the black community.

Cover of Women, Plotics, and American Society, featuring female members of the US Government. Women, Politics, and American Society, 5th Edition (Pearson, 2011)
By Wendy Gunther-Canada, Nancy E. McGlen, Karen J. O'Connor, and Laura Van Assendelft

By combining historical and topical approaches with a focus on political rights, education and employment, and familial and reproductive rights, Women, Politics, and American Society offers the most comprehensive understanding of where women stand today in America and the battles they have fought to get there. By providing strategies for changes that still need to be made before full equality can be reached, this text motivates readers to pursue subjects of particular interest in greater detail and encourages students to become active participants in the political process.
Cover of Crobetta's book, featuring toppled blocks. Major Powers and the Quest for Status in International Politics (Palgrave MacMillan, 2011)
By Renato Corbetta, Thomas J. Volgy, Keith A. Grant, and Ryan G. Baird

This book explores the effects and consequences of major global power and major regional power status attribution on the foreign policies of states striving for such status and the consequences of status differentiation for the international system and the post-Cold War international order.

Cover of Rebel Writer, with a picture of Mary Wollstonecraft. Rebel Writer: Mary Wollstonecraft and Enlightenment Politics (Northern Illinois University Press, 2001)
By Wendy Gunther-Canada

"An exceptional work that wonderfully enriches our understanding of Wollstonecraft's life and writings." — Penny Weiss, Purdue University
"An invaluable analysis of Wollstonecraft's feminism." — Carol Poston, Saint Xavier University