Student Stories -- image featuring two of the department's students.
Our students are a diverse group of people – diverse not just in race but in nationality, experience, interests, and age. Working with each other and with the faculty, they gain exposure to different ways of thinking and studying. By participating in civic and community projects, internships, and study abroad, they expand their understanding of the world around them.

Explore their stories to see how becoming a political science major or pursuing a graduate degree in public administration has changed our students' lives for the better, and learn how you can benefit from studying with us!

Image of Bo Williams. Growing up in a house where involvement in politics meant voting on Election Day and reading the paper the next day to see who won, I always knew one day I would become more involved. After changing my major to Political Science in the beginning of my Junior year, I took the opportunity of applying for an internship with the Alabama Republican Party.

Image of Evelyn Douglas. After months of hard work and dedication volunteering with Obama For America, we were awarded the coveted Community Credentials to attend the Democratic National Convention and hear President Obama give his acceptance speech for the party nomination. The theme of the convention was "America Coming Together" and we were actually going to be a part of this historic process.

Image of Ben Armstrong. After using the G.I. Bill to fund his undergraduate degree, Ben Armstrong returned home to continue his education. After hearing a presentation on the Department of Government's Masters of Public Administration (MPA) program, Ben knew it was the place for him. And after taking a few classes, he realized something else – that along with his teachers and his classes, his fellow students were a valuable learning resource.

Image of Courtney Roberts. If I had been told a year ago that I would be winning pageants and mingling with Congressmen in Washington, DC, I would have never believed it. But that is exactly what has happened to me this summer.

Image of Tiffany Story.

Tiffany Story intended to work a few years before entering graduate school. Following the advice of a family friend, however, she looked into the Department of Government's Masters of Public Administration (MPA) program. Since the classes were offered at night, she realized that she had to seize the opportunity.

Image of Liang "Andy" Pan. When Andy decided to study public administration in the United States, he looked at a list of college rankings. That led him to the Department of Government's Masters of Public Administration (MPA) program, one of the top programs in the nation and ranked in the top 200 in the world.

Image of Robert Scott. Robert Scott had finished his undergraduate degree only a few years before deciding he wanted to learn more. "I became interested in local initiatives aimed toward community development and growth. This curiosity pertained to both public and nonprofit fields of work and the programs that they administer, which led me to UAB's MPA program."

Image of Libby VanPelt Stephens. Libby VanPelt Stephens has always been involved and interested in the arts, healthcare, and helping people receive the services they need. Joining the department's Masters of Public Administration (MPA) program allowed her to combine those interests to help people with disabilities and chronic and terminal illnesses that need services to lead better lives.