Behavioral Neuroscience Core Program Faculty


Core Program Faculty

Research Interests

Frank Amthor

Neuronal computation and visual coding in retina and retinal targets

Mary Boggiano

Neural and endocrine substrates of abnormal eating behavior

James E. Cox

Neural basis of appetite motivation as applied to obesity

Rajesh Kana

Higher cognitive and social functions in people with autism spectrum disorders

David Knight

Neural substrates of human learning, memory, and emotion

Alan Randich

Visceral and somatic pain

Rosalyn Weller

Use of neuroimaging to study neural models of addiction as applied to obesity 

There are numerous additional faculty at UAB who mentor our students and have primary appointments in other Departments.  The following is a list of current faculty supervisors:

Rita Cowell

Etiology and progression of neurodevelopmental disorders

Paul Gamlin

Neural control of eye movements.

Richard Jope

Neurochemical basis of behavior

Inga Kadish

Pathology in the development of age-related cognitive deficits

Kent Kyser


Adrianne Lahti


Miguel Melendez-Ferro

Pathogenesis of dopaminergic systems

Timothy Ness

Basic mechanisms of visceral sensation

Emma Perez-Costas

Pathogenesis of dopaminergic systems in neuropsychiatric disorders

Meredith Robbins

Stress and visceral Pain

David Sweatt

Biochemical mechanisms underlying learning and memory